Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease and dyslipidaemia in diabetic patients in Buea, South-West of Cameroon


Mbarawa Marat Kofia Ibrahim
MohamadouLawan Loubou
Njounedou Abdel
Kagoue Simeni Luc-Aime
Tangyi Tamanji Marcel
Awung Nkeza
Ndoe Guiaro Marcellin
Fadimatou Damdam Hamadou
Kuate Guy Duplex
Nsagha Dickso
Asongalem Emmanuel
Djibrilla Kaou
Assob Nguedia Jules- Clement


CKD, diabetic dyslipidaemia, diabetes, Cameroon, Prevalence.


Introduction: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a major complication of diabetes worldwide. Diabetic condition can be also complicated by diabetic dyslipidemia. The prevalence of CKD Cameroon, Africa or in other parts of the world of diabetics is not clearly estimated but, some studies tried to estimate prevalences in local areas or isolated zones. In addition, assessment of both prevelances of CKD and diabetic dyslipidaemia are not well documented. The present study is aimed at estimating the prevalence of CKD and diabetic dyslipidaemia in diabetic patients in Buea, Cameroon. Methodology: This was a cross-section study conducted at the diabetic clinic of Buea Regional Hospital and the Lambe Foundation for diabetes and hypertension in Buea, South-West Region of Cameroon. Result and Discussion: Out of 120 diabetics enrolled, 63.33% were females. 53.33% were hypertensive, 74.16% overweight and obese and, 32.50% presented real obesity. The mean of eGFR was 92.76 ml/min/1.73m2 and, woman presented the lower value (89.55±43.49ml/min/1.73m2) compared to men (98.37±87.43 ml/min/1.73m2) (X2= 0.107; P = 0.466). The prevalence of CKD was 70.83% and the stage 2 was the high prevalent (36.60%). 20.83% presented CKD from stage 3 to 5. The prevalence of micro- albuminuria was 30% and macro-albuminuria was prevalent at 3.33%. Diabetic dyslipidaemia affected about half of the study population with a prevalence of 48.9%. The co-affection micro-albuminuria and diabetic dyslipidaemia was observed in 16.66% of the population individuals, against 2.50% for the co- affection macro-albuminuria and diabetic dyslipidaemia. The prevalence of diabetic dyslipidaemia among diabetic with CKD was 39.16% (X2=0.118).
Conclusion: This study shown the high prevalence of CKD in diabetics and, was the first to assess the prevalences of both CKD and diabetic dyslipidaemia in diabetic Cameroonians. The findings advice on the assessment of the complications of diabetes in Cameroon in order to estimate, in more large population, risk factors and pattern of diabetic dyslipidaemia and CKD in diabetic Cameroonian. 

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