Discrimination of Level Walking, Stairway Ascending and Descending by Length and Direction of the Acceleration Vector

Shigenori Shirouzu, Akihisa Shirouzu, Sotetsu Katayama, Ryoi Masaki and Hisanobu Sugano, IEEE Member

Pages No. 58 to 62

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Abstract 11 | PDF 10 |

A Review on Diabetic Retinopathy

Hannah RatnaPriya, Mishra P, Manavalan S

Pages No. 63 to 67

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Abstract 9 | PDF 14 |

Cervical lymphangioma in an adult – A case report

Dr. BabitaChettri, Prof R.Ramesh, DrUmapathy , DrAppuMathiRo

Pages No. 68 to 70

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Abstract 8 | PDF 10 |

Sudden Onset Breathlessness in a young boy:An Uncommon Aetiology

Abhradip Das, Arindam Sur, Subhra Mitra,

Pages No. 71 to 72

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Abstract 8 | PDF 11 |

Dysphagia aortica: Systematic review of a fatal disease

Mahesh Rajpoot

Pages No. 80 to 81

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Airway Pressure Release Ventilation Does Not Protect Against Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Development in Surgical Critical Care Patients

Zachary M. Bauman, DO, MHA, Marika Y. Gassner, DO, Megan A. Coughl Meredith Mahan, MS , Jill Watras, MD,

Pages No. 82 to 90

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Abstract 19 | PDF 34 |