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Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever ( A Review)

  •   Morteza Salar


Introduction: Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) is a common febrile hemorrhagic disease common between humans and the livestock. The virus is transmitted to a healthy human through getting bit by infected livestock, direct contact with the freshly slaughtered infected animals, and exposure to blood, body secretions, and aerosols dispersed in space, especially in epidemics and in health centers.

Methods: Searches were conducted by two independent researchers in international (PubMed, Web of science, Scopus and Google scholar) and national (SID, Magiran) databases for related studies from the inception of the databases to September 2017 (without time limitation) in English and Persian languages. To ensure literature saturation, the reference lists of included studies or relevant reviews identifed through the search were scanned.

Discussion: Antibodies are not usually produced sufficiently in patients with a fatal illness. In these patients, who are experiencing early adages of the disease, low level of antibody can be used to identify the virus in the blood and tissues .Replacing water and electrolytes and lost components of blood should be thoroughly coated. Oral and injectable ribavirin has been successfully applied to treat proven disease. There is currently no effective and safe vaccine for humans. People who work in endemic areas should wear protective clothing . They should apply anti-arthropods lotions on their skin and protect their cloths by using certain chemical to prevent the closure of possible infected cases. Patients are required to adhere to comprehensive standards, as there is a risk of hospital transmission, and the blood and tissue contaminated by the patient can be a threat to healthcare personnel .


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Volume & Issue : Vol 2 No 05
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Salar, M. (2018). Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever ( A Review). Journal of Medical Practice and Review, 2(05). Retrieved from

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