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Dysphagia aortica: Systematic review of a fatal disease


Dysphagia is defined as a sensation of difficulty in swallowing food through the oral cavity or
through the esophagus. It is classified as oropharyngeal or esophageal. Dysphagia appears more frequently
in elderly patients; as many as 30–40% of residents in nursing homes are reported to experience dysphagia
in some form and extent1. Dysphagia aortica is a type of esophageal dysphagia caused by the external
compression of esophagus by a tortuous or an aneurysmal aorta. Though it is a rare cause of dysphagia, it
should be in the differential always, as missing this diagnosis can be catastrophic. Women, elderly, short
stature, hypertension and kyphosis are believed to be predisposed to the same2.We report this case to draw
the clinicians‟ attention towards dysphagia as a possible initial presentation of aneurysm.


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Article Detail

Volume & Issue : Vol 1 No 04
Page No.: 80 to 81


Rajpoot, M. (2017). Dysphagia aortica: Systematic review of a fatal disease. Journal of Medical Practice and Review, 1(04), 80 to 81. Retrieved from

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