Abortion is the same as slavery--You cannot be "for" one and against the other.


Samuel A. Nigro, MD,



Every culture has its contagious evils allowed by law and accepted by citizens as the common good. Once, every country had slavery; some countries mistreated women; some countries had communism and deprived all of personal property; some killed Jews or dehumanized others; in America, anti-Catholicism has always been accepted and anti-religionism is growing. Every country has its contagious evil accepted as a good. Today, abortion has replaced slavery--human DNA creatures, at a stage of life every human being PERSON-ally had to go through, are property belonging to others; without rights; deprived of personal development and independence; without the right to choose for oneself; declared "non-persons" by law; deprived of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; not allowed "created equal;" without descendants; promoted as a "necessary good" when exploited, dehumanized and misused by others including scientists; and inhumanly proclaimed "good" whenever destroyed. Abortion has replaced slavery--they made it invisible. You would not have wanted, PERSON-ally, to be a slave or aborted.

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