Cerebral internet: The circle’s secret script

  • David Salinas Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos- Faculty of Medicine-Lima -Perú
Keywords: Internet, Motion Pictures, Privacy, Latin America, nanotechnology, crime


The film “The Circle” has been released recently; it recreates the permanent daily life espionage and attributes the achievement of this permanent surveillance to multiple cameras; however, the objective of the company, seeing everything always, can actually only be achieved with the cerebral internet and brain nanobots. Actually, the movie seeks to promote cerebral internet and allows understand the possible uses of the cerebral internet. There are many evidences that appoint its actual script is being based in the secret development of the cerebral internet in the world, mainly in Latin America and United States. Although science fiction films arguments are generally attributed to the creativity of their writers and producers, most analysts of science fiction films are not aware that the real argument of many films is based on secret and illicit human experiments in the world. This Hollywood’s mafia becomes rich with the secret and forced use of nanotechnology on human beings at the expense of their health, privacy, honor and even their lives. The world society shall know, be alert and report the crimes committed by this Hollywood’s mafia that aims to become a great organized crime network in the world



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