The film “The Circle” has been released recently; it recreates the permanent daily life espionage and attributes the achievement of this permanent surveillance to multiple cameras; however, the objective of the company, seeing everything always, can actually only be achieved with the cerebral internet and brain nanobots. Actually, the movie seeks to promote cerebral internet and allows understand the possible uses of the cerebral internet. There are many evidences that appoint its actual script is being based in the secret development of the cerebral internet in the world, mainly in Latin America and United States. Although science fiction films arguments are generally attributed to the creativity of their writers and producers, most analysts of science fiction films are not aware that the real argument of many films is based on secret and illicit human experiments in the world. This Hollywood’s mafia becomes rich with the secret and forced use of nanotechnology on human beings at the expense of their health, privacy, honor and even their lives. The world society shall know, be alert and report the crimes committed by this Hollywood’s mafia that aims to become a great organized crime network in the world



The film “The Circle” has been released recently based on the book with the same name”(1,2); The Circle is the “world’s most powerful internet company”, this fictional company develops a new technology of microcameras called SeeChange, these cameras can be placed in any location to view any place. A group called the “Change Seers” disperses the cameras all over the world, especially in remote areas to be able to view everything.

The promotion about SeeChange is to obtain the supreme transparency:

Seeing always everything all time .

SeeChange production, according to its creators, is based on the philosophy of the company, the transparency and the loss of total privacy. The company wants that all human existence aspects flow through its Internet portal ; if the world were completely supervised, the citizens would refrain from committing crimes.

Mae Holland, the main protagonist, is a young employee of the company who becomes its main promoter. She accepts to take the Seechange cameras all time letting herself be observed permanently and giving the example to the rest of workers. She will be observed all day, her life will be transmitted in real time by anyone who tunes in, thus she became a leader of transparency. ( Figs 1 and 2)

Figure 1 The Circle: Book and film s poster

Source: Left ( Ref 1 ) Right ( Ref 2 )

Figure 2 ?See change? cameras: The cameras that see everything

Eamon Bailey promotes cameras that “do not need cables",Actually, it aims to be a recreation of brain nanobots

Source: “The Circle”. Movie.


A scientific analisis of film shows that “The Circle” is a film that recreates the permanent daily life espionage and attributes the achievement of this permanent surveillance to multiple cameras; however, the objective of the company, seeing everything always, can actually only be achieved with the cerebral internet. ( Fig 3 )

Figure 3 Cerebral Internet: The real method of surveillance in the Circle

Brain nanobot ( Left ) it acts as a “TV antenna” when connects to the neuron and allows cerebral internet ; the nanobot acts as transducer of the brain signal transmitting it via wifi to TVs, computers, cell phones or to other human brains.( Right).

Source: Left ( Ref 15 ) Right ( Ref 7 )

Cerebral internet is a means of communication developed in a person who has in his brain, implants, nanobots or microchips with which a teletransmission of his/her daily life would be performed. This is sent via wifi to cell phones, computers and televisions and even to other brains; thus, a televisualization of the victim's daily life would be done with cerebral internet. In short, any person would see another person's entire life, minute by minute, through a cell phone ( 3 ).

Scientific researches about cerebral internet only has been reported in experiments with animals, such as monkeys and rats(4-5). However scientists like Michio Kaku claim that prototypes already exist and that he has seen them in the laboratory ( 6 ) but the most serious fact is that recent investigations warn of forced and secret human experimentation with brain nanobots and microchips in the world, mainly in Latin American universities(7,8).

The most remarkable of the film is that “The Circle” company performs unusual biweekly and mandatory medical examinations to its workers, examinations in which the workers ingest a viscous liquid that contains “sensors” that allow them to scan their bodies; really, it is a recreation of the so-called “personalized medicine”. The “sensors” described in the film probably recreate nanobots that are dispersed throughout the organism, and which “film” its interior and transmit remote images via telemetry, as a medical documentary.

The scientific press expresses that with the nanobots is possible to realize a " Fantastic trip" to the interior of the organism ( 9 ), this nanotechnological monitoring is recreated when Mae takes every 15 days nanobots that cross his body and allow a monitoring of all his organs. The “Fantastic trip with nanobots” is promoted in transhumanist books. ( 10 ), this nanotechnological monitoring of health is promoted as a justification for the use of nanotechnology for permanent surveillance. When Mae accepts to carry the sensors in her body, she becomes a "humachine"( 11 ) thus Mae unwittingly adopts transhumanism. Recent researches alert that transhumanist is a big fraud ( 12 ). Actually, The Circle recreates a secret transhumanist company, all its employees are spied on with brain nanobots and the cerebral internet. ( Fig 4 y 5 )

Figure 4 Scamming to The Circle?s workers:

Espionage is with nanobots, not with cameras.

The filming of whole daily life only can be explained by the nanobots administered at the medical check-up, the surveillance with SeeChange cameras only is a swindle, it only give to victim the illusion of "control" of the surveillance.

Source: The Circle. Movie.

Figure 5 The cerebral internet: Watching Circle?s workers

Source: The Circle. Movie

The real innovation that is being announced by Eamon Bailey are not the cameras, but the cerebral internet with nanobots, the secret of the film, a film that ironically promotes the nonexistence of secrets. Throughout the film, this swindle is not mentioned neither to the extras of the film nor in the interviews; ironically the film producers who promote transparency are not “transparent”.

The Circle also recreates the "hive mind" of a person with cerebral internet. Cerebral internet acts as "an intracerebral telephone", thus the person receives calls from several people. In the film and the book Mae listens to multiple voices. ( Fig 6 ).

Figure 6 The cerebral internet: The hive mind

The communication with the cerebral internet acts as an intracerebral telephone thus a person can hear several voices , this type of thought is called "hive mind" or “collective intelligence”, it is promoted in the film when Mae listens to multiple voices ( Left ). The hive mind is also promoted in recent university books that is preparing for the use of cerebral internet. ( Right )

Source: Left ( The Circle. movie) Right ( amazon books)

The company demands Mae always be connected to social networks, this fact also recreates one of the objectives of the cerebral internet: “Always be connected” “Never off line”

The brain nanobots are recreated by See change chamers. Eamon Bailey could be recreating Steve Jobs or Marck Zuckerberg, who is one of the main promoters of cerebral internet, the Circle could be transnational companies like Google, and the Circle facilities, “the communities” or the so-called “social innovation spaces” that are being constructed around the entire world, places where it is suspected that the members of that district are permanently “connected” with the cerebral internet and to be really spied through this.

The film shown programs as “TrueYou” that are capable of joining everything, address email, profiles in social networks to access different services on the network, and “Soul search” which allows circulers locate virtually any human in the world. Actually, all these programs are only a recreation of the possible uses of cerebral internet. The movie also recreates cerebral internet as a weapon of torture and harassment against a citizen, thus the movie shows as a crowd of citizens harasses a citizen and as a result of this harassment, the victim die.

The shooting of "The Circle" employees daily life is attributed to the microcameras that the workers “control” turning them off when they go to sleep or when they go to the bathroom; however, the film's secret is that the workers are really being permanently supervised by the brain nanobots that they receive every fifteen days in their “medical examination”. The shooting is never stopped or controlled by the bearer of the camera; the shooting by “the microcameras” is only a fraud. Nanobots cannot be controlled; Mae, the film's protagonist and all the workers of The Circle company who also have “medical examination” are being swindled, they are not being observed with cameras, they are being permanently observed with nanobots that have received in the medical examination.

The secret of this movie is not only that its recreates a company that secretly spy with the cerebral internet, there are many evidences that indicate that the secret script of this film is based on secrets illicit and forced human experiments with the cerebral internet in the world, mainly in Latin America, and even United States.

There are many reasons that support this fact:

The discovery of cerebral internet in Latin American universities.

There are many evidences that indicate the existence of a network of organized crime to develop the cerebral internet, mainly in Latin America. This mafia has as principal organizers Google and the United Nations, which uses different camouflages as the social Responsibility and the Project Millenium.(7,8)

One of the principal places where the cerebral Internet is secretly used are Latin American universities. The main objective of this mafias is obtain universities students' sex life ( 7 ) . Probably this is the reason that explains the choice of a twentyish young woman as the star of this film and “leader of the transparency”, the film seeks to manufacture the voluntary consent of the youth towards cerebral internet.

There is a big promotion of books oriented to the university students focused on neurosciences in several topics; their covers and the content clearly reveal that it is a preparation for convincing that the cerebral internet is “university tool” (7,12). The cerebral internet will be presented like a useful tool like a stethoscope is useful for a student of medicine. The suspicion of secret development of cerebral internet in universities is reinforced furthermore by the boom of scholarships for students granted by the bankers in Latin America. Peruvian Bankers give scholarships in the best universities that includes all the expenses and that have as essential component "the accompaniment" (a camouflage of a secret program of espionage with the cerebral Internet) and "development of the talent" ( Probably secret administration of brain nanobots ) ( 13 ,14).The suspicion is furthermore reinforced by the advertising of these scholarships that promotes “on-line life” (13) and transhumanist slogans, as for example: "scholarships that transform ". (Fgs. 7-8)

Figure 7 From Universities to Circles

The promotion of permanent accompaniment in Latin American universities with advertising slogans such as "wherever you go" at the University of San Marcos (left), and the advertising of student scholarships with the subliminal message of "your life on line", ( Right ) have as secret objective the voluntary acceptance of female university students in Latin America towards cerebral internet.

Source: Left ( Copyright author ) Right ( Ref 13 )

Figure 8 Pontifical Catholic University:

Main center of illicit human experimentation of cerebral internet

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), the main university where cerebral internet is being developed in illicit association with George Soros and Peruvian bankers like Romero family. This university has created centers of innovation such as Open Pucp that aim to be brain mapping centers with cerebral internet. University students of this university are the target audience of “The Circle”.

Source: Left ( Ref 7) Center ( amazon books) Right ( pucp.pageweb)

b) The Discovery of nanomafias in Hollywood

Recent researches reveal evidences that the technological transnational companies, in illicit association with US army and the corrupt Latin American governments, have created an organization that is developing mainly in Latin America a secret, forced and illicit neuroscientific human experimentation with invasive neurotechnology as brain nanobots, microchips and implants to execute neuroscientific projects, which can have even led scientists to win Medicine Nobel Prizes (15-17) based on this illicit human experimentation at the expense of Latin Americans’ health.

The US army has strong relations with Hollywood, to such a point that the press calls it “Military-Entertainment Complex” ( 18 ), this is the reason why the information of this illicital human experimentation is also used by Hollywood’s mafia.

Recents researches warn that many science fiction films and tv series are based on real and sadistic experiments done in Latin America with nanotechnology ( 19 ) and this is the reason that explains because nanotechnology is one of the most commons themes in recent science fiction movies.

c) Many evidences indicate that Dave Eggers’ net of Foundations are “human farms” to develop cerebral internet

The Foundations are the main “human farms” of the mafias of nanotechnology. Dave Eggers , has a strong relation with fundations. In 20 02, Eggers co-founded , a nonprofit writing and tutoring center for kids ages 6–18 in San Francisco. It has since grown into six chapters across the United States: , , , , , and , all under the auspices of the nonprofit organization . The books of Dave Eggers ’ Foundations have a terminology that subliminally promotes the cerebral internet. This publicity of this surprising and unusal network of foundations organized mainly by only one person, (Dave Eggers) leads to the strong suspicion that this network of Dave Eggers’ Foundations aims to be only a camouflage to perform brain mapping and mind control with cerebral internet in children. In a global vision, actually the social responsibility of Eggers and its network of writers ( 20 ) is only a scam like social responsibility organized by the United Nations in Latin America. Eggers would belong to this Hollywood mafia that makes films based on illicital human experiments with cerebral internet.

This secret objective of the foundations is symbolized in the film “The Truman Show”, it is an iconic movie of permanente surveillance. Truman, the main character of the film, is a Foundation’s orphan that was secretaly selected for permanent surveillance of his life and even manipulation of his life for making movies.

There many evidences that indicate that Chicago is a main place where Eggers would be developing the cerebral internet in illicital association with former president of the United States Barack Obama. Recent research warns that the scientific megaprojects of the human brain organized and presented by Barack Obama are developing with illicit human experiments with brain nanobots by mafias of nanotechnology. (21-23). In 2014, Barack Obama founded “The Obama Foundation” in Chicago, recently, this Foundation organized a meeting where Dave Egger and Barack Obama (24,25) were speakers. In this meeting, Obama expressed :

“The single most important thing we have to invest in is…people,”

. “We have got to get people to figure out how they work together

in a cooperative, thoughtful, constructive way”

“Societies are these complex, organic things that you don’t turn (like) switches.

They evolve. They shift. They change...'Chicago is this extraordinary laboratory'( 25 )

In fact, the real message of Obama's words is that Chicago is becoming a human farm to develop the cerebral internet and hive mind. ( Fig 9)

Figure 9 The mafia of cerebral internet:

Dave Eggers, the White house and Foundations

Former President Obama and Dave Eggers talk at the Nov. 19 Obama Foundation Summit about the importance of “connecting young people to change their world”.This meeting symbolize the strong relations de Eggers with American stablisment.( Left ) The Foundations of Eggers promotes in its books subliminally cerebral internet. ( Right )

Source: Left ( Getty Image ) Right (voiceofwitness.org)

d) Scenes from the film that could be recreating illicit experiments with cerebral internet in poor countries.

The film shows scenes where Eamon Bailey affirms that the employees of “The circle” are placing See Change cameras in places like Machu Picchu in Peru. Actually, this scene would be recreating the massive administration of nanobots in food and drinks that would be developing in Macchu Picchu ( Cusco, Peru ). Recent research warns that Peru is one of the main countries chosen by the transnationals and economic powers to massively disseminate nanobots and illicitly develop neuroscientific experimentation with cerebral internet (7,12). The suspicion is reinforced by promotion of Smart city in Cusco that is really a pre-promotion for the use of brain chips in citizens. ( Fig. 10 )

Figure 10 Latin America: Main place of human experimentation with cerebral internet

Surveillance with Seechange cameras in Machu Picchu (Cusco, Perú) ( Left ). Promotion of the smart city in Cusco, the smart city is the prelude to the "smart" citizens who will communicate with the cerebral internet (right). There is high suspicion that Cusco would be one of the main "infected" places with brain nanobots for the overpromotion of "the digital revolution".

Source: Left ( The Circle. movie ) Right (La revolución digital en el cusco Available in: :http://elmontonero.pe/columnas/la-revolucion-digital-en-el-cusco )

e) Expressions of the actors and producers of the film could be refering to illicit experimentation with cerebral internet

Emma Watson, who plays the film main character and has close relations with the United Nations, which is considered the main suspicion of organizing the cerebral internet, ( 7 ) has given statements to the press that really suggest that the actress knows this experimentation secretly developed by US intelligence offices using the cerebral in ternet in Latin America; she recently states the following:

“This is not a dystopian future that’s set in, you know, 2050 or something,”

“This could basically be tomorrow” ( 7 )

In other interview she sayed:

“This is a story that you know could be happening now”( 26 )

Anthony Bregman, one of the producers of "The Circle," said in an interview:

“"It's present-day science fiction" ( 27 )

In the official page web of the film,

“The Circle is a gripping modern thriller, set in the not-too-distant future” ( 2 )

Dave Eggers has also offered expressions could be related to the cerebral internet:

“So that's one small step away from the elimination of the privacy of the Mind” ( 28 )

“The Circle’ author Dave Eggers thinks the internet is getting creepier” ( 28 )

“Eggers said the internet has taken an inward, microscopic approach. The ease of this technology and the convenience of it has created a surveillance society that surprises everybody” ( 29 )

f) High suspicion that scientology develops with the cerebral internet

In Hollywood, journalistic and media sources claim that Scientology is “The Church of the Stars”, this cult is based on a psychological theory called dianetics. The scientology and dianetics are characterized by the belief that the mind’s untapped powers could transform ordinary humans into psychic supermen( 30 ). Actually, the methodology of this cult leads to suspect that cerebral internet could be Scientology’s secret method. Cerebral internet can read thoughts and dreams, perform mind control, predict future scenarios with reading and manipulation of dreams (7,15) These cerebral internet’s uses could be secretly used by the religious leaders of Scientology and used as a demonstration of their closeness to God. The cerebral internet simulates the voice of the unconscious, and for this reason it has been used as a weapon, taking advantage of the faith. DARPA’s scientists have publicly expressed at conferences that cerebral internet was successfully used by US army in the Gulf War. It was named as “the voice of God”, this weapon was able to swindle to the soldiers of the Iraqi army to convince them to surrender.(31,32) Similarly, believers of Scientology could secretly have the cerebral internet and they can believe that it is the voice of God. In the film, Eamon Bailey proposes the Circle as a kind of substitute for God’s eyes, asserting that everyone would live a moral life if he knew everything he did was being watched and recorded on the company’s servers. Actually, the cerebral internet is the new God that proposes Bailey. So, the life of the believers of the scientology, the orphans of the foundations, and the students of Latin American universities, can be the real script of films like The Circle. Coincidentally there is much similarity between scientology and the promotion of transparency in the film the Circle. In Scientology, “going clear” ( 33 ) is the common term used to describe how an adherent moves towards enlightenment, usually after a rigorous “audit” by Scientology elders. In , " " means a state of having freed oneself from "engrams", which members believe are "subconscious memories of past trauma". A quote from the book "The circle" is very similar to the expressions of Scientology:

“Now we’re all God. Every one of us will soon be able to see, and cast judgment upon, every other. We’ll see what He sees”. The all-seeing collective camera eye will make the world and everyone in it transparent” ( 1 )

Critics of the film express:

“Dave Eggers imagines a world in which Google,

Apple and the Church of Scientology merge” ( 34 )

“She even agrees to “going transparent” —

a phrase that appears to play upon the Scientology term “going clear” ( 35 )

“..One of the company’s founding Three Wise Men speaks in terms that find the common ground between Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard:

“We can cure any disease, end hunger, everything, because we won’t be dragged down by all our weaknesses, our petty secrets, our hoarding of information and knowledge. We will finally reach our full potential” ( 36 )

Figure 11 The secret of scientology in Hollywood: The cerebral internet

The cerebral internet sends thoughts to the brain, DARPA used cerebral internet as "the voice of God" during the Gulf war, ( Left ) This use leads to the suspicion that could be used in religions like Scientology. It is a cult that promotes transparency (center) which is also the message of the film the circle( Right ). There is a strong suspicion that the life of Scientology believers with cerebral internet would be the secret script for The Circle.

Source: Left (ref 31) Center (ref 33) Right ( The Circle movie )


The circle is cataloged by film analysts as a science fiction movie, Eggers is cataloged as science fiction writer in science fiction enciclopedias ( 37 ). Science Fiction is distinguished from Fantasy by the story being driven by a novum validated by cognitive logic.

Novum is the hypothetical new object on which the story is based could exist through science and not only through magic. Novum are the scientifically plausible innovations used by   narratives, can be a device or machine that is absolutely new and whose presence compels us to imagine a different way of conceiving our world. (30,38)

The real Novum of the Circle is cerebral internet

It is evident that “the Circle” has been designed carefully with a purpose: to promote this novum, the cerebral internet.

Although the cerebral internet is promoted by the press as a benefit, cerebral internet is a violation of the permanent privacy, of communications secret, of elementary human rights. Cerebral internet is the most powerful extortion weapon owned by the common crime and the state terrorism. ( Fig. 12 )

Figure 12 The main objective of cerebral internet: The sex life of young women

In the film, accidentally, "by mistake of the engineers, who did not block it", the sexual life of the parents of Mae is transmitted on the internet and social networks ( Left ) In real life, the transnationals main objective with the cerebral internet is to obtain sex life, a millionaire secret business of the television company.( Right )

Source: Left ( The Circle. movie ) Right ( Copyrigh author )

It is necessary to highlight that the cinema is considered by analysts as the main means of advertising because it enters in the unconscious and can have a leading role in education( 39 ), for this reason, although the films are promoted as fiction, subliminally they also manufacture the consent of the society to the elaborated message of producers script. The objective of “The Circle” seeks to convince the spectator to accept cerebral internet and coexist with the daily espionage by an elite of millionaires who have access to the private life of everyone, but that does not lose its privacy; in short, the Circle seeks to convince the spectator to give their private life to the oligarchy that governs the world under the safety or health swindle, oligarchy to which evidently belongs the Hollywood magnates. Thus, Hollywood and transnational companies will have legal access to people's private lives without legal claim . In order to convince viewers of the film's message, Hollywood hired to the most influential actors for the target audience, so the award-winning actor Tom Hanks was chosen for the role of the influential CEO Eamon Bailey, and Emma Watson was chosen for the role of Mae Holland, a young woman in her twenties, Hanks is the main icon of adult public and Emma Watson is an icon of youth.

The names of the characters were also not chosen at random, Mae means "beloved by God" evidently this name give to this character an aura of biblical prophet, in the other hand, Eamon means literally “protector of the rich”.

In interviews, Dave Eggers tries to deny that the film recreates the real life of a transnational like Google or Facebook with phrases like:

“I wanted this book to be free of any real-life corollaries. I’ve never been to Google, or Facebook or Twitter or any other internet campus, actually. I didn’t interview any employees of any of these companies, either, and didn’t read any books about them” ( 40 )

However, it is evident that the film is recreating daily life in these transnationals, as symbolized by the architecture of the company the Circle that mimics the Apple company ( 41 ). ( Fig. 13 )

Figure 13 The Circle: Recreating daily life in a transnational technology

Apple building ( Left ) The Circle building ( Right)

Source: Ref 41

The film would not only recreate its architecture, but also the secret way of working of these big companies in the reality. Transnationals could be using several secret methods for their workers use cerebral internet , such as:

  • Secret extortion to workers under threat of dismissal if they do not accept use cerebral internet.

  • Secret extortion to applicants to job under threat of not being hired if they do not accept use cerebral internet. In Peru, Venezuelan immigrants young women could be accepting jobs that include obligatory use of the brain internet.

  • Scam to workers with medical checkup (it happens in the film) This modalitie is probably applied by bankers to students in Peru. Fellows receive “evaluation weekly psychology” ( 14 ).

-Secret installation of the cerebral internet in workers without the knowledge of the workers. Probably this modality is the most common.

For a long time, Silicon Valley presented itself as the shiny, happy face of capitalism. It sold the promise of new technology that could connect the global village. Facebook’s mission statement was, “Making the world more open and connected”. The internet even held out the utopian possibility of liberating societies ( 42 ), however the reality is different.

Internet is the Silicon Valley main tool for build digital slavery.

There are also many evidences to indicate that the illicital human experimentation with cerebral internet as the real script of the film is a secret of world press . A headline in a newspaper about the film illustrates this fact:

“Review: In ‘The Circle,’ Click Here if You Think You’re Being Watched” ( 43 )

The forced experimentation with cerebral internet would also be the script of TV series like Black Mirror and that the press also know as other headline illustrates:

“Critique of 'Black Mirror: Arkangel': The sad reality merges with fiction” ( 44 )

In fact, much of recent science fiction is essentially promotional ( 30 ), The Circle is also a promotional film.

Eggers is icon of American stablishment, he has developed a close relationship with Obama, campaigned for him( 45 ) and got invited to the White House, he was named one of 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing the World, TIME chose him as one of the 100 most influential people, he writes columns for the New York Times, The Guardian and Vanity Fair, was awarded by TED, organization that promotes the different intellectual scams of digital fascism, such as "innovation" "emotional intelligence" and the cerebral internet.

The strong relationship of Eggers with the White House suggests that he

is the speaker chosen by the White House for the promotion of the cerebral internet.

The role assigned by the US government to Dave Eggers, a writer of science fiction, is similar to the role designated by the government to Max Brooks( 46 ), another writer science fiction. Eggers subliminally promotes cerebral internet, Max Brooks promotes Mind control. Brooks promote another scientific scam, the epidemic of zombies by viruses that appoint to be a world mind control epidemic caused by brain nanobots( 19 ).

The Círcle is just one piece of a gigantic media and disinformation program of the White House led by Dave Eggers to manufacture the voluntary assent of the society towards cerebral internet.

Eggers has an extensive and suspicious giant social network, the press promotes him with this clichés: “one-man social enterprise” ( 47 ) “the genereous” ( 48 ). However, books of Eggers' Foundations have a strange terminology that subliminally promotes cerebral internet such as : “voice of witness” , “amplifynig unheard voices”, “Through our oral history book series and education program, we amplify the voices of people” advertising that aims to convince that the brain internet will be a benefit of society, mainly for poors, the hidden message appoint to be :

“The cerebral internet will be the voice of the poor",

Really the US stablishment seeks to manufacture the assent towards the cerebral Internet with many pretexts: personalized medicine, safety, education tool, among others. A new pretext is :

Cerebral Internet is a tool to organize revolutions” .

This promotion was initiated in Egypt, according to it, arabe revolution was developed thanks to the Internet and the social networks (49-52). Actually, this promotion on internet as tool for revolutions as well as the Arabic revolution would have been created by the US government itself. It is necessary to highlight that the promotion of “the internet like weapon of revolution” is surprisingly led by Wael Ghonim , an executive of Google, who is suspiciously overpromoted by TIME, Harvard and by MIT(53,54). This arab revolution is considered “Obama’s ‘Arab Spring” ( 51 ).

This promotion of internet as a tool of revolution is symbolized with these clichés:

“If you want to liberate a society, just give them the internet” ( 55 )

“If we want to liberate the society, we first need to liberate the Internet.” ( 55 )

Additionally the press makes this promotion: ( 50 )

The MIT press in an article about Wael Ghonim says:

“Remaking social media for the next revolution” ( 53 ).

Recently,Wael Ghonim has writed an article, with a similar message to transparency of The Circle: “It's time to end the secrecy and opacity of social media” ( 56 )

Coincidentally, MIT Egyptian Association as well as a Harvard Egyptian students promote an event with Wael Ghonim as speaker named: “Egypt: Towards a Vibrant Civil Society,” ( 54 ). (“Vibrant”is a word would refer to wi-fi, to cerebral internet, a society with digital citizens)

The hidden message of Wael Ghonim and US stablishment is predictable:

As was the case of internet in Egyptian revolution,

the cerebral internet will be the future "revolutions tool”.

It is necessary to emphasize that reality is totally opposite, cerebral internet will be the weapon of slavery of humanity. In fact, everything indicates that Wael Ghonim will be a “Egyptian Mae Holland” like Dave Eggers will have the role of Mae Holland in EEUU.

This message in the film is evident, in The Circle, Eamon Bailey express that with surveillance with Seechange cameras (recreation of brain net) will be the end of dictators.

his advertising about “internet as tool of revolutions” is repeated on the covers of recent university books such as Pontifical Catholic University of Peru’s books( 57 ), this university has strong relations with George Soros, who promotes Open Society, really a internet cerebral’s cammouflage. ( Fig 14).

Figure 14 Cerebral Internet: ?The weapon of revolution?

-Preparing the scam-

Wael Ghonim, promoted by TIME magazine as organizer of the Arab "revolution" with the internet ( Left ); Mae Holland initiates “the transparency revolution”( Center ); University book of the professor of the Catholic University of Peru promoted subliminally to the cerebral Internet as a weapon of the revolution.( Right )

Source: Left http://www.empireentertainment.com/Center Source:Left( The Circle. movie ) Right ( Urpi books )

Recent journalistic articles written by Eggers in the main newspapers of the US establishment (58-60) corroborate this secret program of turning Eggers into a leader against the espionage of the NSA with cerebral internet.

Some articles written by Eggers illustrate this campaign:

“Dave Eggers: US writers must take a stand on NSA surveillance” ( 58 )

Eggers finishes this article with this quote:

"All I can say is that you need to resist.

Resist. Resist. Resist. Resist." ( 58 )

The US government, the vast US media network and British newspapers like “The Guardian” seek to present Eggers as an “opponent” of government espionage really preparing "the false prophet against the cerebral internet” who will lead "the protest against the cerebral internet”. Eggers has this shameful role and he is the latest of of intellectual swindlers promoted by the press of the US stablisment as Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is promoted by the press as "one of the most notable contemporary champions of the people” however keeps silent in front of the USA mind control program and nanomafias, Chomsky misinforms society about the cerebral internet affirming that it is impossible, recently has expressed :

“Anything like finding out what our thoughts is is just beyond science fiction” ( 61 ).

It is necessary to highlight that Chomsky has worked for 50 years at MIT, the main organizer of the cerebral internet in the world. It is practically impossible that Chomsky, does not know the extensive MIT's cerebral internet illegal network, being MIT's senior professor in the language area during 50 years and being considered the father of linguistics.

So, the Circle, a science fiction film that promotes the cerebral internet, must be seen knowning this socio-political context and desinformation campaign of the world press.

In the other hand, Science fiction films arguments are generally attributed to the creativity of their writers and producers, such as this film, the press says:

“Eggers said a single email he received from a friend

was a catalyst for writing the book” ( 29 )

Actually, the script of the Circle seemed like a script delivered by the NSA, the CIA or the US Army to Dave Eggers, a script that has been developed with information from his secret net that make illicit experiments with the cerebral internet in the world, mainly in his singular net of Eggers' foundations in United States and Latin America. A secret script that have an objective: scam citizens about the cerebral internet, In fact, cerebral internet aims to become the most powerful extortion and privacy violation weapon of US gobernment. ( Fig 15).

Figure 15 Mae Holland: The leader of transparency

-The Hollywood symbol for university students-

Emma Watson plays the leader of transparency, letting herself be permanently observed permanently ( Left ). Cerebral internet is secretly developed and promoted in Latin American universities, the film try to convince female university students to accept being spied on with cerebral internet, try to convince them to accept being biographed ( Right)

Source: Left ( The Circle. movie) Right ( Copyright author )

For most critics, science fiction is related to the future. Analysts express:

“Science fiction transforms the path of scientific research into a "possible future", offering the possibility of becoming science, preceding the results to be achieved” ( 38 ) “Science fiction becomes reality

by the ability of its creators to think exponentially”( 62 )

however, although science fiction writers are considered as "visionaries" or "prophets"(63,64), most science fiction analysts are unaware of the truth, many science fiction writers cheat society by claiming that their script is the product of their imagination(65-67), or creativity, when the real script of many science fiction films used by Hollywood producers is based on secret experiments realized by US army, NSA, at the cost of the health and the honor of thousands of citizens in the world, mainly in Latin America. The world press prefers to applaud to Hollywood's mafia, enrich with it and does not denounce it. Hollywood stars are witnesses of this inhuman experimentation and it is the reason of the security with which they affirm:

“Today's science fiction will be the real science of tomorrow.”

Actually the truth in relation to many science fiction films is:

“The science fiction of today are illegal and forced experiments

that are currently being carried out in Latin America "


“The Circle” has been designed carefully for promote cerebral internet. There are many evidences that appoint that its actual script is being based in the secret development of the cerebral internet with secret and illicital human experimentation Although science fiction films arguments are generally attributed to the creativity of their writers and producers, most analysts of science fiction films do not know that illicital human experimentation is the real source of information of many science fiction movies. This Hollywood mafia becomes rich with the secret and forced use of nanotechnology on human beings at the expense of their health, privacy, honor and even their lives. There is a long list of movies based on this secret script, The Circle is just one more movie from this list. The world society shall know, be alert and report the crimes committed by this Hollywood’s nanomafias.


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