Treatment of Hypersensitivity and Complete Root Coverage by Two Different Autogenous Grafts at Multiple Gingival Recessions

  • Mustafa özay Uslu Assistant Professor at Periodontology
Keywords: connective tissue graft; free gingival graft; gingival recession


The purpose of this case report is to present treatment of a patient with multiple  gingival recession  using  different periodontal plastic surgical techniques (connective tissue graft, free gingival graft and coronally advanced flap) . A 17 year old female patient referred to our clinic for therapy with aesthetic problems, hypersensitivity. After the clinically examination, multiple gingival recession was observed. Female patient has two recession defects at maxilla, 23,14 and seven reccession defects at mandibula 31,32,33,34,41,43,44. After initial treatment  the defects were treated with  free gingival graft and connective tissue graft.  Clinical examination was performed at first month after each operation  and sixth months after last operationIt was observed that application of the connective tissue graft and free gingival graft has been succesfull for multiple gingival recession treatment. Treatment also helped to resolve hypersensitivity and achieved satisfaction of the patient’s aesthetic concerns.


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