The association between Allergic rhinitis and asthma among adolescents

  • Mayasah Sadiq college of medicine
Keywords: Key words: Allergic rhinitis, Asthma, Adolescence.




Asthma prevalence is rising globally and is expected to further rise according to the WHO for the future decade. Many studies had shown that asthma is associated with allergic rhinitis and it showed a better outcome if allergic rhinitis is treated earlier.


To spot the light on the prevalence of allergic rhinitis &asthma among adolescents aand find the association between them.


Cross section study enrolled adolescents with age 18-21years both male and female from a college of medicine in Baghdad. Data collection done by using self-ministered questionnaire,713 students were involved , with total male of 294,while females were 419 ,Prevalence of allergic rhinitis 58.5% in females and 52.7% in females, sex was not associated with allergic rhinitis. Prevalence of asthma in total sample was 4%.and it was associated with allergic rhinitis p<0.5.In Conclusion: Allergic rhinitis prevalence is increasing in Iraqi adolescents' regardless sex, and it is associated with asthma.


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